Alternate DCM

Alternate DCM is Gudrun M. –  email

The duties of the Alt DCM are contained in the most recent edition of the AA Service Manual.

The Alt DCM will:

• Assist the DCM at all Area 86 Assemblies and Committee Meetings, striving to attain a good working     knowledge of duties of the DCM and recognising the necessity to assume those duties in the event of     loss or incapacity of the DCM until an election can occur.
• Prepare the agenda for the District meetings with the assistance of the DCM and provide a written     report to the District Secretary/Registrar four (4) days prior to the District meeting.
• Set up and use the District 11 assigned email.
• Have held the GSR position to be eligible for election and it is suggested that they have at least four (4)     or (five) years of continuous sobriety.