Archives Subcommittee Chairperson Is Fred K. –  email

The Archives Chairperson will:
• Liaise with Area 86 Archives Subcommittee Chairperson.
• Establish a committee to assist with the responsibilities.
• Collect, organize and preserve material of historical interest.
• Prepare an itemized record of materials.
• Create and maintain a D11 Archives display as needed.
• Ensure the privacy and protect the anonymity of members whose names are included in
   the collected documents.
• Submit a District 11 Expense Form for expenses incurred for the operation of their position
   to the District 11 Treasurer four (4) days prior to the District Meeting. (See Appendix 1).
• Set up and use the District 11 assigned email.
• For additional information see Guideline MG 17 at