Archives Subcommittee Chairperson – Dave P.

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The mission of the London Archives is to document permanently the work of Alcoholics Anonymous in the London, to make the history of the organization accessible to AA members and other researchers, and to provide a context for understanding AA’s progression, principles and traditions.

Consistent with AA’s primary purpose of maintaining our sobriety and helping other alcoholics achieve recovery, the London Archives:

  • Receives, classifies and indexes all relevant material considered to have historical importance to AA and to the London
  • Holds and preserves such material
  • Provides access to these materials, as determined by the London Archivist, to members of AA and others who may have a valid need
    to review such material, contingent upon a commitment to preserve the anonymity of our members
  • Serves as a resource and laboratory to stimulate and nourish learning
  • Provides information services to assist the operations of  London Intergroup
  • Promotes knowledge and understanding of the origins, goals and programs of AA and of London Intergroup
Please Call The Intergroup Office @ 519-438-9006 To See If Is Open