Bridging the Gap & Telephone Answering Service

Bridging the Gap and Telephone Answering Service Chairperson Mario F. –  email

The Bridging the Gap & Telephone Answering Service Chairperson will:
• Work with the current chairperson allowing the new chairperson time to form a committee.
• Have access to a Smart Phone and Computer with Internet to facilitate communications and services     on behalf of the committee.
• Establish a committee to assist with the responsibilities and appoint an Alternate Chairperson.
• Set up a list of volunteers – men with men, women with women.
• Train volunteers – volunteers to have a minimum of 1-year sobriety.
• Liaise with Area 86 Bridging the Gap Subcommittee Chairperson
• Establish and maintain contact with the volunteer coordinator at Elgin Middlesex Detention Center     (EMDC) and Treatment Facilities in the London Middlesex District to make them aware of the program   and facilitate bridges
• Be responsible for effective operation of the telephone answering service
• Have access to all calls coming to Hotline through the “Dashboard” on home computer.
• Recruit and train team captains and volunteers to ensure that calls are tracked and serviced 24
hours a day.
• Submit an District 11 Expense Form for expenses incurred for the operation of their position to
the District 11 Treasurer four (4) days prior to the District Meeting. (See Appendix 1).
• Set up and use the District 11 assigned email.
• For additional information see Guideline MG 12 (Answering Service) and Bridging the Gap
Pamphlet at