DCM for District 11 is Steve S – email

The duties of the District Committee Member are contained in Chapter 3 of the A.A. Service Manual as follows. 


  1. The district committee member has usually served as a G.S.R. and is elected by other G.S.R.s to take responsibility for district activities. If the person chosen is a current G.S.R., a new G.S.R. should be elected to fill his or her position.
  2. A D.C.M. should have enough sobriety (generally four or five years) to be eligible for election as delegate.
  3. He or she also needs to have the time and energy to serve the district well.


The D.C.M.’s job is primarily that of two-way communication. The D.C.M.:

  1. Regularly attends all district meetings and area assemblies.
  2. Receives reports from the groups through G.S.R.s and through frequent personal contacts with groups in the district.
  3. Holds regular meetings of all G.S.R.s in the district.
  4. Helps the Conference delegate cover the area, which would be impossible for the delegate to do on a group-by-group basis.
  5. Assists the delegate in obtaining group information in time to meet the deadline for A.A. directories.
  6. Keeps G.S.R.s informed about Conference activities; this includes setting up opportunities for the delegate’s Conference report, occasionally making the Conference report if the delegate cannot be present, and inviting the delegate to regular district meetings.
  7. Makes sure that G.S.R.s are acquainted with The A.A. Service Manual, the Twelve Concepts for World Service, the G.S.O. bulletin Box 4-5-9, workbooks and guidelines from G.S.O., and any other service material.
  8. Helps G.S.R.s make interesting reports to groups, and encourages them to bring new A.A. members to service events.
  9. Keeps groups informed about Conference-approved books and pamphlets.
  10. Organizes workshops and/or sharing sessions on service activities.
  11. Regularly keeps in touch with the alternate D.C.M. and the delegate; sends district minutes to the delegate and alternate, and exchanges them with other districts.
  12. Brings Traditions problems to the attention of the delegate.
  13. Makes a regular practice of talking to groups (new and old) on the responsibilities of general service work. 
  14. Sets up and uses the District 11 assigned email.

Taken from the A.A Service Manual 2020-2022 Edition: S31-S33

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