Newsletter & Website


Newsletter & Website Chairperson Is Meg E. – email

The Newsletter & Website Chairperson will:
• Work with the current chairperson allowing the new chairperson time to form a committee.
• Establish a committee to assist with the responsibilities and appoint an Alternate
• Compile information and distribute the newsletter at the beginning of a month via email.
Forward copies to the AA London Middlesex Website and the Central Office.
• Follow the Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts and AA Guidelines from the General
Service Office (GSO).
• Ensure to include proper credits if extracting from sources such as the Big Book, Service
Manual, etc.
• Complete District 11 updates as requested and ensure the website complies with General
Service Office (GSO) Website Guidelines.
• Renew the District 11 Virtual Meeting account (Zoom) each year (June).
• Submit a District 11 Expense Form for expenses incurred for the operation of their
position to the District 11 Treasurer four (4) days prior to the District Meeting. (See
Appendix 1).
• Set up and use the District 11 assigned email.
• For additional information see Guideline MG 18 (Internet) at