Social Committee & Alkathon

Social Committee & Alkathon Chairperson is Kurt L. - EMAIL

The Social Committee & Alkathon Chairperson will:
• Work with the current chairperson allowing the new chairperson time to form a committee.
• Establish a committee to assist with the responsibilities and appoint an Alternate
• Be responsible for organizing the yearly Alkathon by requesting help and support of the
London groups; finding an appropriate location, food service, etc.
• Request an advance of funds from the District 11 Treasurer.
• Keep an itemized record of expenses, etc. and present a written report to District 11 (no
later than February of the following year).
• Be responsible for planning and arranging social events throughout the year in accordance
with AA Traditions and Guidelines.
• Submit a District 11 Expense Form for expenses incurred for the operation of their position
to the District Treasurer four (4) days prior to the District Meeting. (See Appendix 1).
• Ensure all funds and expense forms are returned to District 11 Treasurer after each event.
• Set up and use the District 11 assigned email.