Grapevine Chairperson Is Bonnie S. email

The Grapevine Chairperson will:
• Liaise with Area 86 Grapevine Subcommittee Chairperson.
• Establish a committee to assist in the responsibilities.
• Keep an up-to-date list of Group Grapevine Representatives (GVR) in the District,
encourage and support groups to elect or appoint a GVR.
• Encourage the incoming GVRs to register with the Grapevine Office at
• Ensure the Central Office Grapevine Display is stocked and up-to-date.
• Set up displays and keep a supply of Grapevine items on hand for sale at District events.
• Keep a detailed account of inventory, orders, money received and owed.
• Have a $200.00 float from District to purchase inventory. Shall report to the District
Treasurer the balance of the float and inventory monthly. Any surpluses of funds are
forwarded to District 11 at the end of the calendar year.
• Ensure one-time expenses are considered by and voted on by the body of GSRs.
• Set up and use the District 11 assigned email.