Treatment and Accessibilities & Remote Communities

Treatment and Accessibilities & Remote Communities Chairperson Is
Stephanie W. – EMAIL

The Treatment and Accessibilities & Remote Communities Chairperson will:
• Liaise with Area 86 Treatment and Accessibilities / Remote Communities Subcommittee
• Work with the current chairperson allowing the new chairperson time to form a committee
• Establish a committee to assist with the responsibilities and appoint an Alternate
• Compile a list of volunteers interested in “carrying the message” into treatment facilities
• Liaise between interested groups and act as a contact for treatment facilities
• Regularly visit the Treatment Facilities’ meetings to ensure they are held in accordance
with treatment facilities’ regulations and guidelines. Some of the Treatment Facilities in
District 11 are – Center of Hope Withdrawal Management, Recovery Community Centre
(RCC) and St Joseph’s Health Care London – Parkwood Institute
• Ensure all meetings have a chairperson, adequate meeting supplies, ensure Conference-
approved AA literature is available and AA Traditions are followed
• Report challenges, concerns, success stories and recommendations to the District in the
monthly report
• Encourage the development of AA outreach to promote accessibility for members with
disabilities requiring assistance
• Carry the AA message by supporting any community or member isolated by language,
culture, and/or geography by using virtual media platforms, if necessary
• Follow up and assist with public inquiries regarding meeting accessibility
• Submit a District 11 Expense Form for expenses incurred for the operation of their position
to the District Treasurer four (4) days prior to the District Meeting. (See Appendix 1)
• Set up and use the District 11 assigned email.
• For additional information see Guideline MG 14 (Treatment) and MG 16 (Accessibilities) at