Current Secretary for District 11 is Lisa S. – email

QUALIFICATIONS: The secretary should have a “reasonable period of sobriety,” which might mean two years in an area where A.A. is still young, four or five years in an older area. Some service in group or central office or general service is useful. So is some background in general office work — more and more, computer knowledge is helpful. An effective secretary needs to have a sense of order, and the ability to capture the essentials of what is happening at a meeting. The job is time-consuming and needs to be carried out on schedule, and the secretary needs to be sure that ample time is available. 


Responsible for recording minutes of the District Committee Meetings and District Committee Officers Meetings and for the distribution of minutes by email.  A small number of hard copies will be made available at District Committee  meetings for new GSRs and members without electronic devices)  

  • The minutes of the monthly meetings shall be distributed to the District Committee and GSRs within one week of each meeting (if possible) and to the Area 86 Committee.  
  • Provide the General Service Office and the Area 86 Secretary updates of District Officers. 
  • Notify the Area 86 Registrar of any changes in the District (i.e.; new Subcommittee chairpersons, new GSR’s, new group information, etc.).
  • Provide every new GSR a copy of the current District 11 Structure and Operating Procedures document. 
  • Set up and use the District 11 assigned email. 

• Due to the workload, the position may be split into (2) positions – Secretary and Registrar. This must be voted on by the body of GSR’s.

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