District Secretary/Registrar

Secretary/Registrar for District 11 is Lisa S. – email

The duties of the District Secretary/Registrar are contained in the most recent edition of the AA
Service Manual.

The District Secretary/Registrar will:
• Ensure that reports are distributed two (2) days prior to the District 11 meeting.
• Record minutes of the District Committee Meetings and District Committee Officers’
Meetings and distribute by email to the District Committee and GSRs. A small number of
hard copies will be made available at District Committee meetings for new GSRs and
members without electronic devices.
• Email the approved minutes to the Area 86 Committee.
• Provide updates of District Officers to the Area 86 Secretary/Registrar.
• Notify the Area 86 Secretary/Registrar of any changes in the District (i.e. new
Subcommittee Chairpersons, new GSR’s, new group information, etc.).
• Provide every new GSR a hard copy of the current District 11 Structure and Operating
Procedures document.
• Set up and use the District 11 assigned email.