Current Treasurer for District 11 is Gari G. email

You can send your etransfer contributions to – Thank you!

QUALIFICATIONS: The treasurer should be a responsible person with a solid period of sobriety. He or she should be organized enough to keep good records, and some accounting or bookkeeping experience is useful. Otherwise, the person elected may need help in setting up a system, and possibly some clerical assistance. Persuasiveness, firmness, and diplomacy will help the treasurer do the job.

Taken from the A.A Service Manual 2018-2020 Edition: S46


    1. Monies Payable:  The treasure and co-signer will be responsible to issue payments for approved budget expenses or as directed by the voting committee (GSR).  Any new or non-budget approved expenses exceeding $50.00 would be brought to the committee’s attention for approval prior to release of any funds.
    2. Monies Receivable: The treasure will be responsible receiving donations to the district for deposits.  Any monies received from groups and special contributions with be directly deposited provided they remain consistent with guidance presented in Pamphlet f-3_selfsupport.pdf (Where money and Spirituality mix), which includes the following “Special contributions: funds realized from conventions, conferences, dinners, area get-togethers, etc. (no limitations on these contributions)”.  Monies received outside of the guidance presented in the pamphlet would be brought to the Committees attention for further direction.

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