Current Treasurer for District 11 is Gari G. email

You can send your etransfer contributions to [email protected] – Thank you!

QUALIFICATIONS: The treasurer should be a responsible person with a solid period of sobriety. He or she should be organized enough to keep good records, and some accounting or bookkeeping experience is useful. Otherwise, the person elected may need help in setting up a system, and possibly some clerical assistance. Persuasiveness, firmness, and diplomacy will help the treasurer do the job.

Taken from the A.A Service Manual 2018-2020 Edition: S46


Receive and deposit all monies belonging to the District and keep a record of all  group and/or meeting contributions along with the 7th Tradition of District and  other service meetings. 

  • Prepare monthly financial statements to be included in the minutes of the  monthly District meetings. 
  • Responsible for recording all financial statements, banking and payment of all  necessary bills (two signatures will be required on all cheques – that of the  Treasurer, DCM or Alternate DCM and it is suggested that Officers do not sign  for their own expenses whenever possible.  
  • Consult with the DCM for direction concerning any questionable expenses. • Set up and use the District 11 assigned email. 
  • At the end of each calendar year, all funds in excess of the prudent reserve will  be forwarded to Area 86.  

• The prudent reserve is calculated using the following formula: (Total expenses  divided by 12 multiplied by 3 equals Prudent Reserve). When unprecedented  factors significantly increase or decrease a year’s actual expenses (example:  global pandemic), it is suggested that District calculate 12 months of expenses  using the upcoming year’s forecasted budget instead of the actual expenses  from the previous year.

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