District Treasurer

Current District Treasurer for District 11 is Chris K. email

The duties of the District Treasurer are contained in the most recent edition of the AA Service Manual.

The District Secretary/Registrar will:
• Receive and disperse all monies belonging to the District and prepare an annual budget.
• Deposit all money in a chartered bank selected by the District.
• Following elections; set up signing authorities at the bank for DCM, Alt DCM, Secretary,
Treasurer and Central Officer Treasurer.
• Have all cheques signed by any two (2) District Officers and it is suggested that Officers do
not sign for their own expenses whenever possible.
• Consult with the DCM for direction concerning any questionable expenses.
• Provide a written report as well as financial statements to the District Secretary/Registrar
four (4) days prior to the District meeting.
• Set up and use the District 11 assigned email.
• Seek a motion to forward to Area 86 and/or GSO funds in excess of the prudent reserve
(total budgeted expenses divided by 12, multiplied by 5 [to be reviewed each term]).
• Ensure that any expenses/invoices paid by e-transfer have two (2) authorized signatures
prior to the transfer. The confirming email is to be completed using the AA District email
and attached to the Expense Form

You can send your e-transfer contributions to treasurer.aadistrict11@gmail.com – Thank you!