Central Office Manager

Central Office Manager is Teresa D. –  EMAIL

The Central Office Manager will:
• Ensure deposits are made on a regular basis and balanced with sales each week. Invoices to be paid by cheque, Central Office PayPal account or e-transfer.
• Ensure all volunteers are adequately trained and capable of following established Central Office     procedures.
• Ensure all volunteers have knowledge of products and services, hours of operation, customer service   and Human Resources Procedures (Provincial).
• Manually complete inventory and price checks on a quarterly basis. Total dollar amount of inventory assets must be recorded.
• Make monthly District 11 meeting minutes and financial statements available for viewing at the Central  Office.
• Keep a record of contributions received at the Central Office and deposited into the appropriate  accounts, also advising the Treasurers.
• Open the Central Office as per scheduled hours.
• Maintain an accurate account of petty cash and float.
• Authorise all operating expenses.
• Make current meeting lists available for printing.
• Maintain Central Office Human Resource Policy and ensure compliance with the OntarioMinistry of   Labour, AA Traditions and Concepts.
• Change safe combination upon rotation of Central Office Managers.
• Perform any other duties associated with the Central Office.

Detailed Central Office Procedures can be found in Appendix 2.