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District 11

About Our District and Its Service Committee Members

Groups are organized into Districts, generally collections of groups located near one another. The GSRs in each District elect the District Committee Member (DCM), who becomes part of the area committee.


DCM for District 11 is

Steve Semail

The DCM is the vital link between the group’s GSR and the area service structure, including the area’s delegate to the General Service Conference.


Alternate DCM for District 11 is Shawn Memail

The Alternate is a backup for the DCM If the D.C.M. resigns or is unable to serve for any reason. Usually, the alternate is elected at the same time as the DCM, by means of the same procedure. Alternate committee members are encouraged to assist, participate, and share in the DCM’s responsibilities at District and area meetings. They also oversee divisions of groups within District 11 and set up and use the District 11 assigned email.

DCMs and Alternate DCMs serve a term of two years. In many areas, DCM terms coincide with those of the “panel” covering the area delegate’s term of service.
“Panel” — refers to a group of delegates elected to begin serving at the General Service Conference in a particular year. Each panel is numbered for the Conference at which the area’s delegate will first serve. The two-year cycle frequently applies to area committee officers and committee members, as well.



Current Secretary for District 11 is

Lisa Semail

The secretary is in a good position to act as liaison between officers and committee members and can play the role of an arbitrator when necessary. The secretary also fulfills an administrative and coordinating function, ensuring communication and progress of District activity is followed through and reported upon. The secretary attends District committee meetings, taking minutes and keeping documentary records where required.

Current Treasurer for District 11 is

Gari Gemail

The District committee treasurer is responsible for most matters financial. This will include safeguarding the collection safekeeping and responsible accounting, budgeting allocation and disbursement in line with AA’s Traditions and Concepts for service, and the Primary Purpose of carrying the AA message to those who need to hear it.
The treasurer is also responsible for Treasurer Reports, establishment, maintenance, and development of the prudent reserve, the opening and management of banking accounts and matters of taxation and insurance, and any other fiscal expectations and necessities to arise in the course of fulfilling the treasurer function.

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Accessibilities and Remote Communities Subcommittee Chairperson is

Bonnie S – email

Accessibilities Committees explore, develop, and offer resources to alcoholics with significant barriers – such as – locked access doors, blocked ramps, parking problems, ill or homebound members, retirees, sensory disabled, communicationally or educationally challenged or childcare, for instance – to receiving the Alcoholics Anonymous message and to participating in our program of recovery.  Remote Communities includes work to ensure access to AA is available to those in underserved or remote communities. Committees focus on overcoming barriers that could make it hard to access the A.A. program – barriers such as geography, language, or culture.

We want AA to be available to all alcoholics who reach out for it.

Requirements for the Accessibilities and Remote Communities Subcommittee Chairperson Service Position

Archives Subcommittee Chairperson is
Ted H – email

Requirements for the Archives Subcommittee Chairperson Service Position

The mission of the London AA Archives is to permanently document the work of Alcoholics Anonymous in the London-Middlesex area, to make the history of the organization accessible to AA members and other researchers, and to provide a context for understanding AA’s progression, principles, and traditions.


as outlined in Chapter 2 of the AA SERVICE MANUAL combined with TWELVE CONCEPTS FOR WORLD SERVICE 2021-2023 Edition, revised and updated.

Copyright © 2021, Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. All rights reserved



A DCM’s service function is primarily that of two-way communication.

The DCM:

1.         Regularly attends all district meetings and area assemblies;

2.         Receives reports from the groups through their general service representatives (GSRs), and through frequent personal contact with groups in the district;

3.         Holds regular meetings of all GSRs in the district;

4.         Helps the District’s Area Delegate to the General Service Conference service the area, which would be impossible for the delegate to do on a group-by-group basis;

5.         Assists the delegate in obtaining group information in time to meet deadline for AA directories;

6.         Keeps GSRs informed about General Service Conference activities – this includes setting up opportunities for delegates’ Conference report-backs, occasionally doing the Conference report if the delegate cannot be present;

7.         Invites the delegate to regular district meetings;

8.         Makes sure that GSRs are acquainted with the AA Service Manual, the Twelve Concepts for World Service, the GSO bulletin Box 4-5-9, workbooks and guidelines from GSO and any other service material;

8.         Helps GSRs deliver interesting reports to groups, and encourages them to bring new AA members to service events;

9.         Keeps groups informed about Conference-approved books and pamphlets;

10.       Organizes workshops and/or sharing sessions on service activities;

11.       Regularly keeps in touch with the alternate DCM and the delegate; sends district minutes to the delegate and alternate DCM, and exchanges them with other districts;

12.       Brings Traditions issues to the attention of the delegate;

13.       Makes a regular practice of talking to groups (new and old) on the responsibilities and objectives of general service work, and

14.       Sets up and uses the District assigned email account.

(adapted from Your D.C.M.- District Committee Member, Copyright © 1988 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. All rights reserved.)