Corrections Subcommittee Chairperson – Dave P. – email

Correctional Facilities:
1. Liaise with Area Corrections Subcommittee Chairperson.
2. Establish a committee to assist with the responsibilities.
3. Prepare a monthly written report and attend all District Meetings.
4. Become familiar with corrections structure and guidelines from GSO.
5. Must be a minimum of two years sober, two years without any convictions, have done
the 12 steps with their sponsor, and continues to be sponsored.

6. Screen volunteers to help carry the AA message. The requirements are the
same; two years sober, no convictions for two years, be sponsored and have worked
the 12 steps. Ultimately, the approval of volunteers is the choice of the facility.
7. Works with Bridging the Gap Subcommittee Chairperson to make sure members
on the inside can obtain contact with AA when they are released.
8. Stay in contact with the volunteer coordinator at Elgin Middlesex Detention
Center (EMDC).
9. Ensure literature is available in all meeting rooms.
10. Set up and use the District 11 assigned email.

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