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District 11

About Our District and Its Service Committee Members

Groups are organized into Districts, generally collections of groups located near one another. The GSRs in each District elect the District Committee Member (DCM), who becomes part of the area committee.


DCM for District 11 is

Steve Semail

The DCM is the vital link between the group’s GSR and the area service structure, including the area’s delegate to the General Service Conference.


Alternate DCM for District 11 is Shawn Memail

The Alternate is a backup for the DCM If the D.C.M. resigns or is unable to serve for any reason. Usually, the alternate is elected at the same time as the DCM, by means of the same procedure. Alternate committee members are encouraged to assist, participate, and share in the DCM’s responsibilities at District and area meetings. They also oversee divisions of groups within District 11 and set up and use the District 11 assigned email.

DCMs and Alternate DCMs serve a term of two years. In many areas, DCM terms coincide with those of the “panel” covering the area delegate’s term of service.
“Panel” — refers to a group of delegates elected to begin serving at the General Service Conference in a particular year. Each panel is numbered for the Conference at which the area’s delegate will first serve. The two-year cycle frequently applies to area committee officers and committee members, as well.



Current Secretary for District 11 is

Lisa Semail

The secretary is in a good position to act as liaison between officers and committee members and can play the role of an arbitrator when necessary. The secretary also fulfills an administrative and coordinating function, ensuring communication and progress of District activity is followed through and reported upon. The secretary attends District committee meetings, taking minutes and keeping documentary records where required.

Current Treasurer for District 11 is

Gari Gemail

The District committee treasurer is responsible for most matters financial. This will include safeguarding the collection safekeeping and responsible accounting, budgeting allocation and disbursement in line with AA’s Traditions and Concepts for service, and the Primary Purpose of carrying the AA message to those who need to hear it.
The treasurer is also responsible for Treasurer Reports, establishment, maintenance, and development of the prudent reserve, the opening and management of banking accounts and matters of taxation and insurance, and any other fiscal expectations and necessities to arise in the course of fulfilling the treasurer function.

You can send your e-Transfer contributions to – thank you!



Accessibilities and Remote Communities Subcommittee Chairperson is

Bonnie S – email

Accessibilities Committees explore, develop, and offer resources to alcoholics with significant barriers – such as – locked access doors, blocked ramps, parking problems, ill or homebound members, retirees, sensory disabled, communicationally or educationally challenged or childcare, for instance – to receiving the Alcoholics Anonymous message and to participating in our program of recovery.  Remote Communities includes work to ensure access to AA is available to those in underserved or remote communities. Committees focus on overcoming barriers that could make it hard to access the A.A. program – barriers such as geography, language, or culture.

We want AA to be available to all alcoholics who reach out for it.

Requirements for the Accessibilities and Remote Communities Subcommittee Chairperson Service Position

Archives Subcommittee Chairperson is
Ted H – email

Requirements for the Archives Subcommittee Chairperson Service Position

The mission of the London AA Archives is to permanently document the work of Alcoholics Anonymous in the London-Middlesex area, to make the history of the organization accessible to AA members and other researchers, and to provide a context for understanding AA’s progression, principles, and traditions.


as outlined in Chapter 2 of the AA SERVICE MANUAL combined with TWELVE CONCEPTS FOR WORLD SERVICE 2021-2023 Edition, revised and updated.

Copyright © 2021, Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. All rights reserved



A DCM’s service function is primarily that of two-way communication.

The DCM:

1.         Regularly attends all district meetings and area assemblies;

2.         Receives reports from the groups through their general service representatives (GSRs), and through frequent personal contact with groups in the district;

3.         Holds regular meetings of all GSRs in the district;

4.         Helps the District’s Area Delegate to the General Service Conference service the area, which would be impossible for the delegate to do on a group-by-group basis;

5.         Assists the delegate in obtaining group information in time to meet deadline for AA directories;

6.         Keeps GSRs informed about General Service Conference activities – this includes setting up opportunities for delegates’ Conference report-backs, occasionally doing the Conference report if the delegate cannot be present;

7.         Invites the delegate to regular district meetings;

8.         Makes sure that GSRs are acquainted with the AA Service Manual, the Twelve Concepts for World Service, the GSO bulletin Box 4-5-9, workbooks and guidelines from GSO and any other service material;

8.         Helps GSRs deliver interesting reports to groups, and encourages them to bring new AA members to service events;

9.         Keeps groups informed about Conference-approved books and pamphlets;

10.       Organizes workshops and/or sharing sessions on service activities;

11.       Regularly keeps in touch with the alternate DCM and the delegate; sends district minutes to the delegate and alternate DCM, and exchanges them with other districts;

12.       Brings Traditions issues to the attention of the delegate;

13.       Makes a regular practice of talking to groups (new and old) on the responsibilities and objectives of general service work, and

14.       Sets up and uses the District assigned email account.

(adapted from Your D.C.M.- District Committee Member, Copyright © 1988 by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. All rights reserved.)



Sun 11:00 am St. Joe’s Speaker (0.S,X,XB) Pathways Employment Help 205 Horton St E Central
Sun 11:00 am Liberty Breakfast(D,O,X,XB)+ Senior’s Community Centre 525 Hamilton Rd Central
Sun 7:00 pm Primary Purpose Grp (B,D,O) St. John the Evangelist Anglican 280 St James St Central
Sun 7:00 pm New Horizon BB (B,D,O,X,XB) Trinity United Church Comm. Centre 635 Hale St Southeast
Sun 8:00 pm Action 12&12 (12,C,D) St. Martin’s in the Fields Church 489 Pinetree Dr Northwest
Mon 8:30 am Eleventh Step (11,D,O,X). Metropolitan United Church 468 Wellington St Central
Mon 10:00 am Earlybird GV (C,D,G,X) St Michael’s & All Angels Church 397 Springbank Dr Southwest
Mon 10:30 am Sober for Today (C,D) St. Stephen’s Men’s Recovery Home 36 Gower St Northwest
Mon 6:00 pm Gibbons Park (D.0,X,XB) Chelsea Green Community Church 123 Chesterfield Ave Southeast
Mon 7:00 pm Nittv Gritty (12,C.D.L) St. John the Evangelist Anglican 280 St James St Central
Mon 7:00 pm Clear Air (D,O,X,XB) Trinity United Church Comm. Centre 635 Hale St Southeast
Mon 7:00 pm Shelborne Street (C,D,X,XB) Chalmers Presbyterian 342 Pond Mills Rd Southeast
Mon 7:30 pm Delaware Men’s (C,D,M) Kilworth United Church 2442 Oxford St W Northwest
Mon 8:00 pm B. & P. M. Group (C,D,M) New St. James Presbyterian Church 280 Oxford St. E Central
Mon 8:00 pm Centennial (C,D,X,XB) St. John the Divine 390 Base Line Rd W Southwest
Mon 8:00 pm Thamesford Fellowship (C,D,X) St. John’s Anglican Church 220 Dundas St Thamesford
Mon 8:00 pm Big Book Stu. (B,C,D) St. Justin’s Parish 855 Jalna Blvd Southwest
Mon 8:00 pm BB Workshop (B,C,D.X.XB) St. Lawrence Presbyterian Church 910 Huron St Northeast
Tue 8:00 am Sunrise Group (B,C,D,X,XB) Metropolitan United 468 Wellington Central
Tue 10:00 am Trinity 12&121 (12,C,D,X,XB) St. John the Divine 390 Base Line Rd W Southwest
Tue 5:30 pm Happy Hour (C,D,X,XB) Byron United Church 420 Boler Rd Southwest
Tue 7:00 pm Centre of Hope (D,O,X,XB) Salvation Army Centre of Hope 281 Wellington St Central
Tue 8:00 pm Tuesday North (B,C,D,X,XB)! St. John the Evangelist 280 St James St Central
Tue 8:00 pm Hyde Park (C,D) St Aidan’s Anglican Church 1246 Oxford St W Northwest
Tue 8:00 pm Young, Sober, & Free (C,D) St George’s Anglican Church 227 Wharncliffe Rd N Central
Tue 8:00 pm 210 Discussion (D,O,X,XB) Trinity United Church Comm. Centre 635 Hale St Southeast
Wed 10:00 am Angel (D,O,X,XB) St. John the Evangelist Anglican 280 St James St Central
Wed 6:00 pm Gibbons Park (D,O.X,XB) Chelsea Green Community Church 123 Chesterfield Ave Southeast
Wed 7:00 pm Beginners Group (C,D) St. Michael’s Catholic Parish 511 Cheapside St Northeast
Wed 7:00 pm Glencoe Courage (B,C,D) Anglican Church St. John’s 186 Main St Glencoe
Wed 7:00 pm Shillelagh (C,D,X,XB) Community Bible Church 24294 Adelaide St N Lucan
Wed 7:00 prn Mt. Brydges BB Study (B,C,D,X) Cooks United Church 7899 Parkhouse Dr Mt Brydges
Wed 7:00 prn Metropolitan (D,O,X,XB) Trinity United Church Comm. Centre 635 Hale St Southeast
Wed 7:30 pm St. Jude’s (C,D,X,XB)! St. Jude’s Church 1557 Adelaide St N Northeast
Wed 8:00 pm Spirit of the Book (B,C,D,X,XB) St. John the Divine 390 Base Line Rd Southwest
Wed 8:00 prn Byron 12&12 (12,C,D,X,XB) Byron United Church 420 Boler Rd Southwest
Wed 8:00 pm Strathroy Friendly (12,C,D,X) Strathroy United Church 131 Front St W Strathroy
Wed 8:30 pm Calvary United (O,S,X,XB) Calvary United Church 290 Ridout St S Central
Thu 10:00 am Glencoe 12&12 Study (12,C,D) Anglican Church St. John’s 186 Main St Glencoe
Thu 1:00 pm True Colours (12,C,W,X) St Patrick’s Catholic Church 1251 Dundas St Southeast
Thu 5:30 pm Happy Hour (C,D,X,XB) Byron United Church 420 Boler Rd Southwest
Thu 8:00 pm Riverside Men’s (C,D,M,X,XB) Riverside United Church 451 Dunedin Dr Northwest
Thu 8:00 pm Triangle Group (C,D,X,XB) St Francis — St Martins 46 Cathcart St Central
Thu 8:00 pm Big Book Journey (B,C,D,X,XB) White Oaks United Church 1901 Jalna Blvd Southwest
Thu 8:00 pm Pond Mills Men’s (C,D,M,X,XB) Chalmers Presbyterian 342 Pond Mills Rd Southeast
Thu 8:00 pm Arva (C.D.X) St. John the Divine Anglican Church 21557 Richmond St Arva
Fri 10:00 am Friday Morning (D,O) St George’s Anglican Church 227 Wharncliffe Rd N Central
Fri 11:00 am True North (D,O,X.XB) St. John the Divine 390 Base Line Rd W Southwest
Fri 6:30 pm Thunderbird (D,O,X,XB) Pathways Employment Help Centre 205 Horton St E Central
Fri 7:00 pm Mt. B Serenity Seekers (C,D,X) Mt. Brydges United Church 22522 Adelaide Rd Mt Brydges
Fri 7:30 pm Opportunity BB (B,C,D,X,XB) Richards Memorial United 360 Edgeworth Southeast
Fri 7:30 pm Just for Today (D,O,X) Trinity United Church Comm. Centre 635 Hale St Southeast
Fri 8:00 pm Empire (12,C,D,X,XB) St Andrew Memorial Church 55 Foxbar Rd Central
Fri 8:00 prn Young, Sober, & Free (C,D) St George’s Anglican Church 227 Wharncliffe Rd N Central
Sat 10:00 am New Hope (O,D,X,XB) Ilderton-Birr United 121 Mill St Ilderton
Sat 10:00 am Gibbons Park (D,O,X.XB) Chelsea Green Community Church 123 Chesterfield Ave Southeast
Sat 10:30 am Saturday Open AA (D,O,X,XB) Parkwood Hospital Mental Health 550 Wellington Rd Southeast
Sat 11:30 am Centre of Hope (D,O,X,XB) Salvation Army Centre of Hope 281 Wellington St Central
Sat 2:00 pm Easier Softer Way (C,D,X,XB) Trinity United Church Comm. Centre 635 Hale St Southeast
Sat 8:00 prn Foxbar (O,S) St. Andrew Memorial Church 55 Foxbar Rd Central
Sat 8:00 pm Sat Night Live (12,O,X,XB) Holy Trinity St. Stephens Memorial 727 Southdale Rd E Southeast


Contact AA


Please call our helpline at 1-844-539-8707 or email us. Both methods are confidential, immediate, local, and 24-hour.

Find us on the map:


District 11, Area 86 Alcoholics Anonymous


Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of people who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.Copyright 2023, The AA Grapevine Inc.

Understanding Anonymity

Anonymity is often referred to as the greatest single protection the Fellowship has to assure its continued existence and growth.

In stressing the equality of all A.A. members — and unity in the common bond of their recovery from alcoholism — anonymity serves as the spiritual foundation of A.A.


Do you think you may have a problem with alcohol?

Please call our helpline at 1-844-539-8707 or email us. Both methods are confidential, immediate, local, and 24-hour.

(For Central Office inquiries and meetings or general information ONLY, please email or call the Central Office at 519-438-9006).

A sober alcoholic will be happy to help you. We’ve been where you are, and felt like you’re feeling. We understand.

You are no longer alone!

Only you can decide if you have a problem with alcohol, and whether or not you may need help.

As stated on page 44 of our Book “Alcoholics Anonymous“, ask yourself two questions:”

“When I honestly want to, do I find I cannot quit entirely?”, and

“When drinking, do I have little control over the amount I take?”

If you answer “yes” to at least one of these questions, you’re probably an alcoholic.

There is a solution. Approximately two million sober AA members worldwide have found a way out. We’re happy to show you how we became and stay happily sober.



Daily Reflections

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No computer/internet for online meetings? Call +1-647-558-0588 (Canadian long distance charges may apply), then enter the meeting ID and password at the prompts.


District Meeting (online/in-person hybrid)
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2nd Tues of every month @ 6:30 PM
Zoom ID: 890 3108 9359 Password 049374
Unity of London – 501 Nelson St (east of Maitland St)

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Meeting Guide features

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Central Office

AA Conference-approved literatureAA Grapevine literature (cash only please for Grapevine items), sobriety chips/medallions, in-office engraving (please give minimum one week notice for engraving), real-time in-person London-Middlesex meeting lists.

Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed, every other Sat 12-3:30 pm Closed most statutory holidays. **Please consult central office hour link(s) above to ensure it is open. Do NOT rely on Google for hours**

Telephone: 519-438-9006 (office enquiries/orders, meeting/general information)

Address: 30 Adelaide St. N, Unit 2A5 London, ON N6B 3N5 (east side of Adelaide St., between Nelson St. and Thames River, next to/just north of the chip wagon). London Transit: bus 16, stop 58 northbound or stop 59 southbound

Coming Soon — District 11 In Memoriam Plaque Wall

There will be an In Memoriam Plaque Wall on permanent display at the Central Office. If your group has someone who has passed and wishes to honour them with a memorial plate, please fill out the submission form here. This can also be done on an individual basis.

For main door entry after hours, call 519-438-9006. 

Go through the front double doors, stay to the left, and go through the next set of double doors. Central office is the fourth door down the hallway on the left.

Postal delivery available for prepaid orders.

Central Office Manager – Teresa D. email




The central office is always looking for volunteers.


If you’re an AA member with at least two years of continuous sobriety,


and wish to help out, please email our Central Office Manager, Teresa D.

Crisis, outreach, hotline ONLY: 519-438-1122 or email

The help line is looking for volunteers. If you're a London-Middlesex AA member and sober at least one year, this is a wonderful service opportunity. Please email.